We did not walk out of radio interview; this is what happened, Size 8 clarifies

Kenyan singer Size 8 has clarified that she and Willy Paul did not walk out of Radio Jambo interview on Friday as presenters Gidi and Ghost Mulei had reported.

Size 8 has told eDaily that a producer at Radio Jambo did not communicate to Gidi and Ghost Mulei that they (Size 8 and Willy Paul) were only going to be available for thirty minutes and not one hour, as allocated for the segment.

eDaily has obtained screen shots of the communication between Size 8 and the producer which show the producer was adequately informed that the pair was only going to be available for the Radio Jambo interview for thirty minutes, thereafter they would head to KTN for another interview.

It emerges that Ghost and Gidi were not informed about Size 8’s schedule – hence the confusion on the hosts’ side.

Willy Paul has since stated that he did not walk out of Radio Jambo studio.

“I’d like to bring to your attention that I did not walk out of Radio Jambo. I am tired of people using my name for their selfish interests and now I kindly ask Radio Jambo to apologize and tell Kenyans the truth,” said Willy Paul.

eDaily earlier published a report of the alleged walk-out by the two artistes, and the article has since been pulled down after clarity of claims has been presented.


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