We did not declare Raila President: Mudavadi


The National Super Alliance (NASA) chief agent Musalia Mudavadi says that the political formation did not declare presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, the president on Thursday, August 10, noting that the mandate is vested on the electoral body, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), by the Constitution.

Addressing a news conference at the Bomas of Kenya on Friday afternoon, Mr Mudavadi said the NASA outfit only made known alternative presidential race results they had collated, based on their own tally.

Mr Mudavadi further said that NASA meeting with the IEBC yielded an agreement between the political outfit and the Commission that the presidential results were not going to be announced Friday, August 11, until both parties (Jubilee and NASA) had reached a mutual point of satisfaction with the national tally.

Mr Mudavadi further said that it would be wrong for the Commission to announce a winner in the presidential race yet “more than 11, 000 polling stations are yet to relay their results to the Bomas of Kenya”.

According to him, the Commission has received 29, 000 plus Forms 34A, and not 40, 883 Forms 34A as required by regulation, which then allows the IEBC to announce the winner in a presidential race.

The NASA deputy chief agent, James Orengo, said the Commission has received formal results from 273 constituencies, and not 288 as had been stated by IEBC CEO, Ezra Chiloba, Friday afternoon.

Mr Orengo said the NASA outfit is ready to accept the presidential results if the electoral referee would allow the coalition to access the IEBC servers so as to ascertain that results that were transmitted from 40, 883 polling stations via the Kenya Integrated Electoral Management (KIEMS) system are above board.

Mr Orengo alleged that results that were broadcast on the IEBC website were skewed to favour President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Siaya Senator claims Uhuru’s votes were inflated and Odinga’s were pared down significantly.

“What is being broadcast on the IEBC website may not be a reflection of what is contained on Form 34A and Form 34B. Quite apart from what we have from our tallying centers, we have decided to use their own data which is made available to us,” said Mr Orengo.

“And we have a five-page document which has been delivered to the IEBC to look at all the irregularities and very serious omissions or very serious malpractices that have emerged from the ground as is evident from the material that we have been given.

“We have given an offer to the IEBC and a challenge to the Commission that in order to bring this matter to an end, we should be given an access to their servers and not just us but also Jubilee, their stakeholders, the media.

“We should look at their servers which are retaining the raw data that has come from the field, and more particularly to be allowed to look at the alleged hacking that took place in the IEBC system. We should look and audit the activities emerging from the transactions from the 8th of August from 12:27pm and up to 2:30am 9th August. We only want to determine whether a hacking took place.

“If they can open those servers, and we all look at it, we are prepared to accept the results of what is contained in those servers; the information that we gave on who is winning and who is not winning were from those servers. That is a challenge we have given to the diplomatic community and religious leaders to encourage the Commission to allow that to take place.”

With 99.4 per cent of results from polling centers tallied – as at 4:55pm –, Uhuru had garnered 8, 184, 074 votes (54.25 per cent) compared to Odinga’s 6, 780, 635 (44.86 per cent).

On Thursday, August 10, Odinga made an allegation against the IEBC, saying the ICT system of the Commission was hacked to skew figures in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The IEBC, through its Chair, Wafula Chebukati, and CEO, Ezra Chiloba, however denied Odinga’s claims, saying there were attempts to hack into the IEBC’s ICT system, but the unknown hackers’ efforts were unsuccessful.

Operations were underway at the Bomas of Kenya Friday afternoon in what many anticipated was an arrangement by the IEBC to announce the winner in the race for State House.




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