We did not campaign for ODM gubernatorial aspirant in party primaries, Jubilee officials say


Jubilee officials from Kwale County have denied campaigning for the now-Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) gubernatorial aspirant, Issa Chipera, during the party’s primaries held on April 21.

The allegations were recently made by Mr Chipera’s competitors, who lost to him in the race for Kwale governor on ODM ticket.

“Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya used Jubilee machinery in the county to campaign for Mr Chipera because he (Mvurya) thinks that Mr Chipera would be easy to beat in the August 8 general election. Mr Mvurya feared facing us in the poll because we are stronger and more appealing to the electorate in Kwale than Issa Chipera,” said one of Chipera’s competitors, who lost in the ODM primaries.

Antony Yama, a Member of Kwale County Assembly, who is affiliated to the Jubilee Party, however, rubbishes the claims by Mr Chipera’s competitors, saying Mr Mvurya is already popular enough to floor his competition on August 8, and does not need underhanded schemes to help him get re-elected.

“As a member of Jubilee Party and a strong supporter of Governor Mvurya, I together with the Jubilee Party team, we will do everything possible to ensure that he gets re-elected on August 8,” said Mr Yama.

Mr Chipera won the Kwale ODM nominations with7,085 votes against Speaker Sammy Ruwa’s 6,649 in a hotly contested poll.

Mr Chipera is a former director of Plan International in Uganda.


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