We are in the dark about Dubai honeymoon package: KSh100 wedding couple

A lavish ceremony that brought together Wilson and Ann Mutura was held in the capital Nairobi on Tuesday, February 14 – and expectedly, it became the talk of town, given the couple had late last month held a wedding ceremony worth KSh100 only.

Kenyans in their hundreds took to social media to congratulate the pair.

Besides the KSh3.5 million fully sponsored Valentine’s Day ceremony, the couple was promised a plethora of goodies. One which stood out is a honeymoon package that will see Mr and Mrs Mutura fly to Dubai.

Even though there are several reports claiming that Mr and Mrs Mutura have already left the country, EDAILY confirms that the two are yet to be given their honeymoon package.

Mr Mutura says the Dubai honeymoon package was promised by Slique Events Planner Ltd.

“About Dubai honeymoon package, I am yet to be updated. I suspect it was cancelled because no one from the well-wishers – Slique Events Planners Ltd – has phoned us to inform us about the progress of plans,” Mr Mutura told EDAILY.

Wilson Mutura, a fruit vendor in Kasarani, Nairobi, adds that he is yet to receive a piece of land that was promised to him by another well-wisher. The parcel of land in Isinya was to be officially given to Mr and Mrs Mutura on Friday, February 17, but the exercise was postponed to Monday, February 20.

“On Friday, we did not manage to sign documents of transfer of land ownership because we went late to the well-wisher’s office,” said Wilson Mutura, adding: “We hope to sign ownership transfer documents for the piece of land in Isinya on Monday.”


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