#WCW: Cancer survivor Princess Rose Nasimiyu jets back into the country


Do you remember Rose Nasimiyu? The girl who at nine years, in 2011, gained fame countrywide due to her brave battle with cancer?

The princess who won everybody’s heart with her courage and positive nature was in 2012 declared cancer free.

Rose moved to UK with her family in 2012, received her treatment there and has been in school.

Nasimiyu was in 2011 diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma; a type of cancer that begins in cells of the immune system.

Princess Rose is back in Kenya – at 14 years; five years since she left the country. She wants to help and reach out to help children.

“There were ups and downs though the doctors who attended to me were absolutely amazing. I got the best treatment and the best service. I couldn’t ask for more. I have been cancer-free for three years now, though I have been having a couple of illnesses here and there. But I have been fine for the past six months without falling ill at all. I really thank God for that,” Rose told eDaily.

“I am now in high school and I have a younger sister whom I absolutely adore. Everyone has been so supportive. My mum has always been there for me and life has been so great,” said Ms Nasimiyu.

Rose has nuggets of encouragement to share with young cancer patients.

“I want to tell young people like me that cancer can be treated. I am a living proof. Even though your medicine can take you so far, you have to believe that you are going to live because if you don’t believe, there’s no point to fight.

And does Rose still do music?

“I still sing. I am trying to do a new song at the moment. I am hoping it is going to go well.”

She remains upbeat she would become a physician one day – so that she saves lives: that is her vision 2030.

“I still definitely would want to become a doctor one day. Chemistry is one of my favorite subjects. I look forward to it every single week. I love Science. I have a little bit of love-hate relationship with Physics, but all my other Sciences, there’s no problem,” she said: “The doctor who attends to me really inspires me, and how he talks to me makes me want to become an oncologist even the more.”


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