Water firm says Zari’s wealthy ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga has illegal water connections at his home


Officials from Uganda’s National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) on Monday, April 25 carried out an operation in Munyonyo, Kampala and Ivan Ssemwanga’s residence was among homes that were found to have illegal water connections, says Uganda Online.

The outlet says officials had long suspected there was a problem with Ivan’s home, but they were always denied access.

On Monday, however, they got entry into Ivan’s home.

Minutes into their raid, they discovered that the water to the pool and Jacuzzi had bypassed the metre; leading to millions of losses in the process, says Uganda Online.

“Our team is unearthing an illegal water connection at this posh house (Ivan’s). Customers who steal water deny many deserving customers a right to safe clean water,” one of the NWSC officials tweeted.

The officials who confiscated the pipes, taps and metres that will be produced in court as evidence said it has not yet been established how much the Rich Gang member will pay in damages.

Meanwhile, Ivan does not seem bothered by what the NWSC officials found at his home. He went on to share photos showing making merry, while resting besides loads of cash.

“Good evening my people,” Ivan wrote.



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