Was it witchcraft? Truth about swarm of bees that clang to motorbike in Makueni

False reports have circulated online that an aggrieved man from Makueni County sent a swarm of bees to recover his stolen motorcycle.

The incident which happened in Kikima Market in Mbooni Sub-County, Makueni County on Monday afternoon was a consequence of nature – and not witchcraft, says area Assistant Chief Patrick Mwanzia.

Mr Mwanzia told eDaily that the swarm of insects flew down on to a boda boda operator’s motorbike, covering the handlebar, dashboard and gas tank after their queen got stuck in the bike’s handlebar.

The administrator added that bees clang to the motorbike for nearly an hour before flying away.

A similar incident recurred at Kikima Market Wednesday morning when thousands of bees swarmed on to another bike for nearly two hours.

In both incidents, the owners of the motorcycles waited patiently for the bees to rescue their queen. They feared being stung as a result of disturbing the bee cloud.

Speaking about the incident to eDaily on Wednesday, owners of both motorbikes said they had “never seen anything like it.”

The incidents caused many passers-by to stop and take pictures of the spectacle.

False reports had early Wednesday claimed that unidentified man, who was a victim of motorbike robbery, sought services of a witchdoctor to recover his property.

The man was said to have sent thousands of bees to descend on the stolen motorbike – and consequently plague the robbery suspect. The false reports added that the bees sent the robbery suspect running for his life.

The reports added that the swarm of bees prevented strangers from getting close to the motorbike until the owner arrived and took it home.


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