Warning issued after a 100-year-old Mugumo tree falls; elders’ intervention sought

Residents of Mataara Village in Gatundu North Constituency, Kiambu County have been warned against cutting parts of a fallen Mugumo tree for domestic use.

It is believed heavy rains resulted in falling of the tree.

A section of elders in Mataara Village say should the warning be ignored, those who would cut parts of the Mugumo tree will be met by God’s wrath.

Ninety-year-old Beth Wangui says the fallen Mugumo tree served as a shrine, where members of the Agikuyu community would meet for worship; and, therefore, the Mugumo tree represents God’s dwelling place.

Ms Wangui asked the youth, who are not familiar with the Agikuyu culture, not to touch the Mugumo tree.

“Our forefathers, and those in our generation, camped at this Mugumo tree during worship,” said Ms Wangui, adding: “It is at the Muguumo tree where we prayed for our children.”

“When one cuts a part of God’s dwelling place and uses it, for instance, as firewood or timber, what do you think would befall such a person?” posed one Kimani, a member of the Agikuyu community.

Another elder, Raphael Ndung’u, says they will seek the Kikuyu Council of Elders’ intervention on what to do next after the 100-year-old tree fell.

Mr Ndung’u observes that the tree shouldn’t be destroyed, discarded or its parts used for timber or fuel.

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