Want to mess around with KNEC? Think again

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has effected strict measures to curb exam malpractices in this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

To stamp out the irregularities that have threated the credibility of the national exams over the past few years, KNEC has come up with strict penalties that could scare away even the most hardened of criminals.

  1. Impersonation

According to the KNEC act, any case of impersonation, including  registering with  false certificate, will land you a cool two year jail term, or a Ksh. 2 million fine – or both.

Further, you will be banned from taking a national examination for a period of three years.

Oh, and that applies to you who allows the impersonator to do the same…talk about a double edged knife.

  1. ‘Long-necks’ aka Copycats

Those with ‘elongated necks’, those found communicating with another candidate or in possession of notes or electronic devices will be immediately be disqualified.

It doesn’t stop there. All previous papers will be cancelled, and you will be slapped with a three-year national examination ban.

  1. Hecklers

Matiang’i wasn’t leaving anything to chance as those found with crude weapons, or any person who acts in a manner likely to incite others or disrupt the examination shall be liable for a fine maximum of Ksh.500,000 or a three year jail term, or both.

If the candidate is the culprit, he/she risks an interdiction for not taking the examination for three years, on top of the punishment. So, take a chill pill.

  1. Forged Certificates

The KNEC Act threatens to jai, for a period of two years, or a fine not exceeding Ksh.1 million, any person found presenting forged certificates to a prospective employer. This includes passing off someone else’s certificates as your own.

  1. ‘Certificates of Doom’

A person who counterfeits for commercial purposes, a certificate or diploma issued by the council shall not get time to enjoy the money, but shall be hit with an imprisonment term of not more than 10 years, or a fine not exceeding ten million shillings.

What a way to enjoy your money you say?

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