Wahu Kagwi, Big Ted wish Big Kev quick recovery in emotional message


Kenyan singer Wahu Kagwi visited top event organiser, Big Kev, who is currently admitted at the Nairobi Hospital after undergoing a surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Big Kev’s surgical operation took place on Friday, February 3.

Wahu took to her Instagram page on Sunday, recounting her interaction with the upbeat Big Kev back in the day. Wahu wished him a quick recovery in an emotional post.

She said: “I remember clearing Fourth form and falling into this group of guys, amongst them my big brother @bigkevkenya. I remember vividly him showing me a book that outlined his vision for his life. Looking at your life Kev, I’m so proud to say that many of those boxes have been ticked.

“One of the things though that is still pending, is you wanted to one day become the President of Kenya. Anyone who knows Kev knows he makes for an excellent leader! This country would be blessed to have you in leadership! So I am vouching for you Kev! For your sake, for your daughter and wife’s sake, for your sisters and brother’s sake and for the country’s sake, get well soon my brother!”

Wahu’s sentiments were echoed by Big Ted, the Deputy Director in charge of state branding and events, who has described Big Kev as a “cool and balanced guy who makes sure he has impact on people’s lives”.

Big Kev has since 2010 been battling with a benign brain tumor that has seen him undergo 14 surgeries to remove the tumors.

Big Kev in October 2016 traveled to India, where he underwent another surgery. Sadly, he lost his eye sight and suffered paralysis on his left side of the body.

To help cover Big Kev medical bills, you can send your contribution to paybill number 880100, account number: 7839240019.

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