Wafirethi reveals challenges she has faced as plus size woman and why she’d cry if she became slimmer


Papa Shirandula actress Hanita Njoki Mwaniki, better known by her stage name as Wafirethi, has said she is proud of being a plus size woman.

Speaking to eDaily, the 31-year-old says she has withstood bullying that formed a better part of her childhood.

“Since I was little, I have always been chubby. I think being overweight made me develop a sour relationship with girls as they would make fun of me. That explains why most of my friends today are male,” Wafirethi said.

“Girls would tell me: ‘see, you cannot do this or that, you cannot model.’ Shading weight has been such an uphill task for me. But I love the way I am and I respect the way I am.

“Honestly, until today, I don’t have many female friends. Gelling with them is difficult. 80 percent of my friends are male. You won’t find me going for a night out with fellow women; but you will easily see me in the company of men.

“It is something in me. Though I came to realise when you have many female friends, very petty things tend to provoke a fight.

“Men on the other hand are easy and cool – they don’t harbour grudges. Men respect me. Furthermore – unlike women – they don’t have the habit of showing off their property; and they don’t rub it on my face, telling me how big I am.”

The mother-of-one says she would never trade her body size for anything.

“Actually if I was to be slimmer today, I would cry a lot. I believe in myself. I know I am beautiful and comfortable, and no one can put me down.

“People have often asked me: ‘how do you feel being so big? I tell them the reality – I love and respect the way I am and I believe in me. I would always say that in confidence.

“I believe a plump woman is the most beautiful woman ever; especially the women who are big (plus size) and have a baby face. And I am not saying so because I am big but I just admire big women,” said Wafirethi.

The talented actress has nuggets of wisdom to share with plus size women who suffer esteem issues.

“I can tell big women that they should love themselves and accept the way they are. The major problem is letting negative criticism weigh you down. To the plus size women, imagine you are special because you are in your world alone.”

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