Voter bribery or philanthropy? Bishop Margaret Wanjiru splashes money to Kenyans at rally, divides opinion – VIDEO


Bishop Margaret Wanjiru on Tuesday, April 4, toured Muthurwa Market in Nairobi to popularize her bid for Nairobi gubernatorial seat on a Jubilee ticket.

Ms Wanjiru was captured on video dishing out money to youth while seated atop her car roof.

Excited youth in the video are seen thronging around her moving car in a bid to get their share each of the Ksh100 notes.

The video has divided opinion among a section of Kenyans, with some terming Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s act voter bribery while others term it philanthropy.

According to Section Nine of the Election Offences Act of 2016, it is illegal for a politician to directly or indirectly offer bribes to influence voters to vote for a particular candidate or a political party.

Any person who commits an offence under the act shall be liable and on conviction to a fine not exceeding Ks-h2, 000, 000 or an imprisonment for a term not exceeding six years or both.

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