Vivian: I was a punching bag to an influential public figure


Kenyan musician Vivian has recounted her horror experience dating an influential public figure, who used to beat her up at every slight provocation.

The two are no longer together, says Vivian, who is currently engaged to businessman Sam West.

Taking to her Instagram page recently, the Teren Teren star likened her experience to rapper Cashy, who alleged that musician Khaligraph Jones used to clobber her during their 5-year-relationship, which has since aborted.

“I watched Cashy speak about being abused physically, and my heart goes out to her. I’m certain it has not happened to us in the same breath but I too have experienced physical abuse,” said Vivian.

“Physical abuse was part of my welcoming party as a new female artiste from one influential and hurt male figure. I almost gave up pursuing music. Girls, be careful what and who you let in your life. Cashy I’m sorry for having to go through physical abuse. I would never want any girl to endure physical and emotional abuse. It’s a form of bondage; and as women, we must refuse to be victims. It’s enough,” said the My Dream hit-maker.

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