Viral photo of ex-Big Brother Africa star that has saddened many; this is the cause of his shrunken frame


Current photos of Nando – a former Tanzanian representative to 2013 Big Brother Africa (BBA) show dubbed ‘The Chase’ –, have saddened many, given his gaunt appearance brought about by abuse of hard drugs.

Nando, who in the past claimed he had ditched drug and substance abuse – and was a darling to many women in the BBA season 8 Show due to his good looks –, is now a pale shadow of the once upon a time suave gentleman.

Nando, who was tipped to win the 2013 BBA Show, was ejected unceremoniously after he threatened to stab a Ghanaian housemate.

End of last week, a photo showing his weak and emaciated frame did the rounds on social media, shocking many who knew the characteristic Nando of 2013.

Last year, Feza Kessy – another Tanzanian rep to BBA Season 8 –, said she suspected that Nando had plunged into drugs or he was ailing, given his strange behaviour.

Speaking to Tanzania’s Times FM Kubamba Show, Feza cast doubts on Nando’s current mental health, observing the current Nando is different from the one whom she knew to be obedient and humble years back.

“I believe Nando has a problem that needs to be addressed urgently. He is not a hundred percent healthy. He should be looked for and get assisted to restore his health,” said Feza.

Feza, who currently is a radio presenter at Choice FM, said she had met Nando some time back and gave him TSh10, 000 (KSh470). Nando instead threw the money away, saying it could not help him in any way.

Before that, Nando had claimed he would publish a book authored by him titled Mhuni huyo Mwenye Akili.

“I plunged into hard drugs because I wanted to appear ‘cool’ in my youth. Peer pressure too contributed to my decision to engage in drugs. I lived a carefree life,” Nando had said in a past interview with Times FM Hatua Tatu Show.

After that interview, he relapsed to drugs and substance abuse, to date.

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