Vihiga woman, who told husband she’s going to parents’ home, gets stuck during act with lover

A middle-aged woman from Kendu Bay in Homa Bay County got stuck during intimacy with her lover on Tuesday morning, in what witnesses suspect was occasioned by a witchcraft spell.

The woman allegedly told her husband that she was going to visit her parents in Vihiga County, only to divert and meet her lover in a lodging facility in Mbale for sex.

This, according to witnesses, has been happening regularly, given the two are repeat customers to the lodging facility.

According to a witchdoctor, who separated the two, the woman’s husband had approached him and requested he clamps his wife should she cheat on him.

The witchdoctor said he assured the woman’s husband that the work would have been done in four days’ time.

And on Tuesday, when the mother-of-two arrived in Mbale for her “usual sexual escapades”, “business” turned out to be unusual – she realised that her genitals couldn’t detach from her lover’s after several minutes of sex, prompting her to scream for help.

The witchdoctor, who had trailed the woman to Vihiga, showed up at the lodging facility a few minutes later after word went round in Mbale that a couple had gotten stuck at Central Guest House.

The woman’s lover is rumoured to be an Administration Police officer, but law enforcement agents in Vihiga refuted that claim.

The witchdoctor managed to perform his voodoo, and the couple got separated.

It remains unclear, where the cheating wife and her lover went to, thereafter.

Science, however, shows that it is possible for partners to get stuck during sex, though the experience lasts for a short while.

According to Science, getting stuck during intimacy is as a result of “tensed” vaginal muscles clamping the penis.

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