Videos of apartment ‘security guards’ whipping two women spark outrage

Short undated video clips showing two men, suspected to be security guards, whipping two women — accused of theft–, have gone viral on social media, sparking outrage from online users.

The men, seen carrying rubber whips, are heard telling the women: “Mmekuja kuiba hapa [You have come here to steal].”

The women were being accused of stealing sandals belonging to occupants of the apartment, whose location is yet to be known.

One of the women is heard pleading with the men, saying: “Haki Baite, hizi sandals ni zangu, na nimekubali kugonga katika milango yote… [The sandals I am carrying are mine, and I am ready to knock on every door on this apartment and ask the occupants of those units whether these shoes belong to them].”

The said-security guards would want to hear none of the women’s pleas; instead, flogging them as they [suspects] move towards a corner in a bid to escape the lashing.

It remains unclear how the incident ended. Though, according to the video clips, there were no people around to rescue the suspects from their aggressors.

Online users have urged law enforcement officers to investigate the incident, and if possible, arrest the security guards.

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