Jimmy Gait reveals who his ‘sponsor’ is…Check out the video here

The sponsor phenomenon has taken a new tilt- Furifuri hit maker knows exactly what it means after he received mixed reactions from his latest track.

Sponsor is the new buzzword in town, and it seems just about everyone is using it.

What started out as a euphemism for older people – often men – who bankroll younger romantic interests in exchange of sexual favours has now become a catchphrase.

Jumping on to the trend,  Celebrated Kenyan gospel artist Jimmy Gait has decided to release a track called Yesu Ndie Sponsor.

He made the announcement on his social media page by posting: “How are you this Friday morning? For sure Yesu ndie sponsor! If you believe in Him, He can take u to the places you’ve never been and get you what have never gotten!





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