VIDEO #WCW: Mungu si kiziwi singer opens up on her music career as a refugee

Rebecca Soki photo/ courtesy

Famed for her debut song, Mungu si Kiziwi, Rebeca Soki Kalwenze narrates her story as a young girl in the war-torn DR Congo – beating the odds to become one of the top celebrated gospel singers.

In an exclusive interview with eDaily, the 28-year-old says when she started singing, many artists were pessimistic about her career. She, however, says that with gospel music, it is all about serving God and not competition.

“The gospel industry back then was full of competition and ‘childish’ acts. I thought because we are serving God, it should be humble,” she said.

Ms Soki narrates her humble beginning as a pastor’s child.

“I started singing in Sunday school, attending all the choir practices. My father used to ask the family to sing together,” Ms Soki said.

She further reveals her ordeal after facing the warring sides in the troubled DR Congo.

“The traumatizing experiences of people being butchered and displaced in my home country are still fresh in my mind. I thank Kenyan’s for accepting us even though we are refugees.”

Watch the full interview below:

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