VIDEO: Watch Khaligraph Jones being taken to stage in coffin; why did he opt for that gesture? He speaks out


Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones shocked revelers last Saturday, December 2, when he made a puzzling entrance on stage at the Jameson Connect event, which was held at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi.

Khaligraph Jones arrived on stage in a white coffin. Shocked party-goers watched in disbelief as the coffin was carried to the stage by men wearing black outfits.

Khaligraph Jones says he opted for that gesture to put across a message in his song called ‘Mazishi’, which he sings that his competition knows that whenever he is given a microphone to rock a crowd; and that whenever he takes to the stage to perform, the end result is always a “funeral” for his competitors, given he’d have “murdered” the show.

“It is just a matter of order. It was a personal decision. It was about: how do you want to present yourself when you are coming up on stage? As an artiste, I felt like it was necessary that I use a casket to introduce myself because the first song I was going to perform is called ‘Mazishi’. Everybody knows what ‘Mazishi’ is. If you know Khaligraph, then you know what Mazishi is all about. And being brought on stage in a coffin, symbolized the whole message that I am putting across in the song ‘Mazishi’. I felt it was essential for me to use a casket to put across that message,” Khaligraph Jones told eDaily.

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