Video of 3 women fighting over Jimmy Gait leaves online users confused


Gospel musician Jimmy Gait has posted to his YouTube page a video showing three women fighting over him, and online users are finding it hard to decipher whether the actions in the clip were acted, or they, indeed, took place.

The video begins by showing Jimmy Gait gifting one Nadia with a bouquet of flowers before going down on one knee to propose.

“Babe, today I have a surprise for you. Unajua tumekuwa tuki-go for long. So, I decided to do something special,” said Jimmy Gait, before going down on one knee.

His lover, seemingly, wasn’t amused by his actions, and interjected his speech.

“What are you trying to do? No, please. I hope it is not what I am thinking.  We talked about this, and I told you to give me more time. I am not ready for marriage right now. Not now, not now, please,” said the lady, identified as Nadia.

“Please marry me,” replied Jimmy Gait, before Nadia’s friend – who was seated while watching the events unfold –, interjected, saying: “Am I hearing you right, Nadia? You are turning him down after everything he did for you?”

“Jimmy, no. I have always loved you. Marry me instead,” said Nadia’s friend.

Nadia, upon seeing her friend reaching out to Jimmy Gait, said: “Excuse me. What are you doing?”

Nadia’s friend immediately replied, saying: “I am taking him from you because you don’t deserve him.”

Nadia then said: “You are my friend, you are supposed to be supporting me. “

While confusion was playing out as the two ladies differed on who deserved Gait more than the other, another lady walked into the room, and inquired what the musician was doing with the two women, and why they were fighting over him.

After learning why Nadia and her friend had fallen out, the new entrant told the artiste: “Jimmy, if I won’t be your wife, I won’t allow you to marry any other woman.”

A scuffle, thereafter, ensued among the three women.

And as they quarreled and argued on who was the singer’s bona fide lover, Jimmy Gait escaped through the main door, leaving the three women wrangling.

The video ends there, leaving viewers confused on whether the incident indeed happened, or it was one of the many publicity stunts Kenyan artistes engage in ahead of releasing a new music video or song.

YouTube user Mary Mumbi said: “Haha, it is a song, which will be released soon.”

Joseph Ndungu said: “Jimmy Gait, nowadays you are full of drama. I don’t understand.”

Lucy Muhuyu said: “Jimmy Gait, please explain what is going on here.”

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