[VIDEO]: Miss World Kenya 2017 Magline Jeruto: I won’t allow Cyberbullies to bring me down!


Miss World Kenya 2017 Maglene Jeruto has clapped back at those critcising her for her looks, saying “I won’t be derailed by the criticisms”.

Speaking on Citizen Extra during Trends and Entertainment show on Wednesday, November 22, Ms Jeruto, who finished in the top five bracket in the Miss World pageant, which had 118 participants, said a section of online users referred to her as “not beautiful”, a statement which, she says, won’t dampen her spirits of wanting to conquer the world.


“I was cyber-bullied recently. It happened two months ago, when I was crowned Miss World Kenya. I came across some really, really nasty comments. Some people were saying: “She is not beautiful, she is too dark to become Miss Kenya and that we have really beautiful light-skinned ladies who can represent Kenya in the global competition,” said Ms Jeruto.

“I was like: you know, me being an African woman, no one should expect me to be white. I represented Africa in the global contest. For those who see beauty only in light-skinned women, I would like to tell them that I am comfortable in my own skin, and I am going to do me; I won’t do you. People will always have something to say; they will still criticise, anyway, without objectively scrutinising who is chosen to represent Kenya in the global Miss World pageant. If a light-skinned woman was chosen as Kenya’s representative in the beauty contest, someone somewhere would still find fault in that,” said Ms Jeruto.

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