VIDEO: Fish feast on Size 8’s feet…see the action here

While most people eat fish, few have been ‘eaten’ by fish. Well, Size 8 had the experience of having her feet ‘eaten’ by fish as part of a pedicure at a top Nairobi spa.

Posting two videos on her social media channel, the new mother documented her first experience with the cosmetic procedure.

Dressed in capris and a bright dress top, Size 8 expresses some fear about the procedure – especially as the fish swam to the surface of the water tank.

“[Screams] Look! Look! They’re swimming up to the surface! Why are they coming,” shrieks Size 8 anxiously.

Other ladies urge her to relax and dip her feet in the bubbling tank – advice that she took, albeit pensively. After a few moments, the Mateke  hit-maker seems to be having a good time.

Fish pedicure is a cosmetic treatment where one places their feet in a tank containing small fish that nibble away dead.

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