Victoria Kimani reveals why she signed with a Nigerian recording label

Renowned musician, Victoria Kimani has revealed the reason she signed with Nigerian record label, Chocolate City.

In a recent interview with NotjustOKTV; the 31-year-old singer pointed out that Chocolate City had a similar vision as her.

Chocolate City records have a similar vision as me in terms of crossing over the continent. I am the type of a person that would like my music to be heard by as many people as possible,” she said.

She also pointed out that she joined the record label because there are people motivated to see their music win across the continent.

The Prokoto hit-maker also revealed that she is working on a new album.

“The album will come with different mash-ups that I hope people will enjoy,” she said.

Apparently, her goal in music was to become a Pan-African artist.

“I want to create music to appeal to the continent not necessarily songs that have a Nigerian sound. However, there are some sounds that are winning right now so if you are a clever artist you will go for it,” she added.

Early this year, Victoria Kimani was upset with how female entertainers were treated in the male-dominated industry, and pointed out that female artistes should not be called prostitutes because they wear revealing attires.

The Show artist said that it’s high time that society learns to respect female entertainers who, according to her, have suffered prejudice, discrimination and sexual abuse from men.

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