Vera Sidika unfollows Otile Brown, deletes all his photos


Vera Sidika has deleted all pictures of her boyfriend, Otile Brown, from her Instagram page in a move which has raised eyebrows online.

Ms Sidika has also unfollowed her lover on the social networking platform.

The couple’s most notable pictures are those they took in Mauritius early July, when they went on vacation.

Ms Sidika had even posted a picture of the musician carrying her while on a Mauritius tour destination.

“Get you a strong man who can carry you like a baby,” Ms Sidika captioned the picture posted to her Instagram page.

That picture, among others, has been deleted from the socialite’s online pages.

Otile Brown, on the other hand, has also pulled down a few of Ms Sidika’s pictures from his social media pages, though he continues to follow her on Instagram.

This comes in the wake of a recent revelation by Otile Brown that he introduced Ms Sidika to his family in Kisumu.

Speculations into the pair’s relationship swirled in late April 2018, when a picture and video of them holding each other cozily went viral on Instagram. The two would, on April 25, confirm that they were an item.

In a June interview with Viusasa, Ms Sidika said she rarely shows affection through posting her lover’s pictures online, unlike Otile Brown.

“One thing that people do not understand is that I do not post his pictures on social media. People have different ways of expressing or experiencing affection. He [Otile Brown] is the kind of a person, who would go all out.

“I would wake up one morning; and while going through my Instagram page, I would see his posts about me. He likes to surprise me with such things. He is that kind of a person. That is his way of expressing affection, which is kind of different from my way. I have been in a relationship before, and I am always trying to be careful as well; I am not saying it [posting one’s lover’s picture on social media] is a bad thing. I am just trying to make sure that we are making the right moves; that we are not rushing into things,” said Vera Sidika.

“People think I am telling Otile Brown to post, on his social media pages, my pictures; no. He does it because he wants to, and not because I asked him to. He does not expect me to do the same,” said Vera Sidika.




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