Varsity student kills girlfriend; directs family, via SMS, to collect body from lodging

Shock engulfed residents of Mazimbu area in Morogoro, Tanzania last Sunday, when they discovered the body of a 30-year-old woman lying lifeless on a bed in a lodging facility.

The discovery was made by the woman’s relatives in bizarre circumstances following directions given by the now-deceased’s alleged killer, who was her boyfriend.

Kibua Adamu was allegedly killed by her 30-year-old lover, Mwita Marwa, who is a Third Year student at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro.

Kibua had allegedly differed sharply with Marwa following cheating allegations leveled against her. This culminated in a physical confrontation that resulted in her death, according to preliminary investigations. The incident happened at Luta Guest House in Mazimbu.

Sources, who spoke to Tanzania’s Amani newspaper, alleged that Kibua, who was a bar attendant at the guest house, was strangled to death by her lover.

Mazimbu area police boss, Alatutisha Sanga, confirmed the incident, saying the woman was discovered dead at 4am on Sunday, January 28.

According to Luta Guest House security guard, Abdallah Eliferiti, the couple was seen wrangling Saturday night before booking a room together.

“They were seated at the bar Saturday night and the man could be seen quarreling Kibua. Seemingly, he was jealous of the attention Kibua was receiving from other men. The couple, later, booked themselves into a room in our guest house,” Eliferati told Amani newspaper.

“At around 4am Sunday, Kibua’s brothers arrived at the guest house where I work and inquired where she was.

“I told them she had booked herself into one of the guest rooms with her lover. They, thereafter, showed me an SMS sent to them by Marwa; it was full of threats. I was shocked.

“I guided them to the room where Kibua and Marwa had spent the night. We knocked on the door, but there was no response. We tried opening the door, but it was locked from the inside.

“When we peeped through the window of the guest room, we saw Kibua’s body lying on the bed. A leso, which was placed next to her, had blood stains,” said the security guard.

When pressed to reveal the content of the SMS Marwa sent to Kibua’s family, the security guard said: “Kibua and Marwa were in love. They were planning to tie the knot this year after Marwa graduates from university. Marwa had already been introduced to Kibua’s family.

“Marwa, on the fateful night, sent a chilling message to Kibua’s siblings. The message read: ‘I don’t have any other reason to continue living. I have already killed Kibua. I am planning to kill myself too. If you go to Luta Guest House, you will find Kibua’s lifeless body’.”

Residents of Mazimbu on Sunday barricaded roads, protesting Kibua’s killing.

“She was popular in the area due to her great sense of humour and beauty,” said area police boss Alatutisha Sanga.

Kibua’s body was moved to Morogoro Referral Hospital mortuary, where it was preserved before her burial, which was held four days ago at Kola Cemetery in Morogoro.

After allegedly committing the crime, Marwa reportedly went to the students’ hostel, picked his belonging and escaped to an unknown destination.

Police say they are looking for the suspect, who reportedly sent Kibua’s family an SMS, saying he wished he was able to attend her burial.




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