Vanessa Mdee, lover Jux in trouble for kissing in public


Tanzanian power couple Vanessa Mdee and her lover, Juma Jux, have rubbed the country’s arts council the wrong way after they posted pictures to their social media pages showing them kissing in public.

The National Arts Council of Tanzania (BASATA) is investigating the couple, who are yet to be summoned over the pictures.

Mdee and Jux cuddled and kissed on stage while performing in Mwanza last weekend.

The couple went ahead to share the pictures online, inviting BASATA’s anger.

BASATA boss, Geoffrey Mngereza, told Global Publishers that the two are under the radar of the council.

“Jux and Vanessa Mdee shouldn’t have kissed in public in the first place. If they truly love each other, they should have engaged in such intimate acts privately. We’re working on their case,” said Mr Mngereza.

Tanzania, of late, has been cracking down on entertainers and citizens posting nude or semi-nude content to their social media pages.

Diamond Platnumz and Nandy are among the big names, who have been penalised for posting “raunchy” content online.

An entertainer in Tanzania risks being locked out of practicing art for six months should he or she be found guilty of posting content that is likely to fuel erosion of morality.

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