Vanessa Mdee: Boyfriend hasn’t dumped me!


Tanzanian musician Vanessa Mdee has dismissed allegations claiming that she has been dumped by her singer boyfriend Jux Juma.

The rumours have been rife on social media that Jux and Mdee went separate ways recently due to “incompatibility”, and that explained why the pair have not been seen together in the public of late.

Mdee, however, refutes those claims, saying they have both been busy with their individual projects and that is why they are not seen in the public together as was the case a few months ago.

“Jux and I cannot be together all the time. There are times when our individual work projects consume our energies. When we’re not spotted together, a section of our fans tend to think that we’ve split up. Let me clarify that Jux and I are still together, and there is nothing that has caused a strain in our love life. We are working hard to ensure we keep our brands at the top,” Vanessa Mdee told Tanzania’s Motomoto News.

Mid last year, the couple briefly broke up before reuniting in August.

Mdee, in a July 2017 interview with a Tanzanian entertainment outlet, said that irregular communication was a key reason she briefly broke up with Jux.

Vanessa Mdee said she would send a text message to Jux; and instead of him replying the moment he reads the message, Jux would ignore her or choose to send a feedback several hours later.

Vanessa Mdee said such a habit subtly indicated she was no longer needed by her boyfriend. Mdee said, when the habit proved persistent, she was left with no other choice but to end the relationship.

Speaking on Tanzania’s Chill na Sky show in July 2017, Vanessa Mdee said: “Sometimes I would send him (Jux) a text message at 6am but he would reply at 12 noon. If the platform of sending the text was WhatsApp, I would see two blue ticks on our chat thread, which indicate the recipient of the message actually read the text – and at what time he did so.

“Most of the instances, he read the texts a few minutes after I had sent them. Sometimes I would enquire if he had eaten, and he would give me a curt response. Such habits communicated that our relationship was undergoing a turbulent phase,” said Vanessa Mdee.

The couple, however, managed to iron out their differences and got back together two months later.

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