US-based woman attacks Caroline Mutoko on her sentiments about Mohammed Ali


An Atlanta-based Kenyan woman has faulted media personality Caroline Mutoko on her rant about investigative journalist Mohammed Ali.

Mutoko on Wednesday May, 25 launched an attack on Mohammed Ali’s analysis into Jacob Juma’s death Kaburi La Wazi that aired on KTN Monday, May 23.

Caroline Mutoko argued that Mohammed Ali’s expose concentrated too much on a non-issue by revealing the identity of the mysterious lady Jacob Juma was with on May 5 – the night he was killed.

Ms Mutoko contended that the story failed to unearth information that could help lead to the arrest of Jacob Juma’s assassins.

“You (Mohammed Ali) are willing to blur the taxi driver and everything else – but this girl who made a private decision to be with a grown up; that girl you hang out to dry?”  Mutoko said.

She also accused the journalist of diverting public attention from the key issue: the brutal murder of the controversial businessman.

“And then here is the worst thing – even if you don’t care about her, is that you have totally destroyed the ability for all of us to get back to why the conversation on Jacob Juma is important. You have reduced Jacob Juma’s death to how many women he saw; including a ka-small one… Moha, shame on you.”

Well, Maggie Marikah – a social change activist based in the US – is not impressed by Caroline Mutoko’s logic.

Ms Marikah thinks Mohammed Ali did the right thing by exposing the girl Jacob Juma was allegedly with on the fateful night of May 5.

This is what she had to say; as quoted by Kenya Satelite Network on Saturday, May 28:

“I am a woman but I will not jump to condemn Jicho Pevu. Jicho Pevu’s job is to tell the story and not rewrite it or Photoshop it to accommodate your feelings… Let us address the issue of the social acceptance of clandes (read mpango wa kando) in Kenya.”

“Jicho Pevu did more to save future women from clande mentality than many people condemning him will ever do, and especially Caroline Mutoko, who says that is what the 20’s are there for.”

“So according to Caroline, the 20s are there for sleeping around with married men? Okay… Nothing brings more dignity to women than telling them it is okay to exploit their sexual desires and fantasies as long as you are in the twenties…”

“Stop sugar coating the truth. Put effort where it matters… By the time you are asking for Cheryl Kitonga’s face to be concealed, you have lost the fight on women dignity. Stop the next Cheryl from being taken advantage of by a so-called sponsor.”

“Stop the next Cheryl from being a rich man’s play toy. Stop the next Cheryl Kitonga from a sponsor mentality. And telling them that is what the 20s are there for is not helping them either.”

“Just because you made mistakes in your 20s is no reason for every other 20 year old to follow in your footsteps. My desire is that the mistakes I made in my early years will not be the mistakes of my fellow sisters because when you know better, you do better.”


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