Uproar after driver beats up 14-year-old girl for vomiting in matatu


Police have arrested the driver of a 14-seater matatu plying Nairobi-Maua route after he, on Saturday evening, beat up a 14-year-old girl, who was ailing, for vomiting in the matatu.

The incident, which occurred in Maua town, sparked uproar from members of the public, who called out the driver for being inhumane.

The driver continued beating up the girl despite the teenager’s mother parting with Ksh100 for clean-up of the vehicle.

When the girl’s mother attempted to rescue her daughter from harm, the driver turned his aggression on her.

It took the intervention of matatu touts and drivers, who were at the stage, to restore sanity.

Police arrived at the scene and apprehended the driver, who is expected to be arraigned in court once investigations are concluded.

The victims of aggression belonged to one family of seven, who had boarded the matatu from Nairobi.

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