Update on celebrated TV anchor health after suffering back pain live on air


K24 news anchor Karen Karimi suffered a severe back pain live on air three weeks ago, prompting members of the K24 team to immediately rush her to the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.

Ms Karimi was diagnosed with a tear on her lumbar spine, which caused the slip of two minor discs.

“My spine surgeon has been so helpful, went through tough physiotherapy. I am so thankful that I am recovering slowly, with my family and friends constantly checking up on me. I pray to get well soonest,” Ms Karimi wrote on Instagram on February 14.

EDAILY reached Ms Karimi for comment on her health progress Saturday, and she said: “I am not doing too badly. After the back injury, I have been recuperating slowly. My lower left side still hurts from time to time; physiotherapy does the trick, and a lot of exercises to strengthen the muscles. It has not been easy. The pains were unbearable.”

Ms Karimi, who was away from work for three weeks, says her current condition does not allow her to don high-heeled footwear.

“I was on air last Monday; no more wearing heels, though for some time. I need to be careful of some activities I do; such as seating, standing, bending, that will not create any form of pressure on my back,” said Ms Karimi.

The soft-spoken news anchor thanks her family and close friends for being there for her when she was in hospital.

“My mother and brother are my heroes. After my sister passed away on December 2015, we have been closer than ever. I am doing well,” said Ms Karimi.


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