University student sustains serious injuries when protecting girlfriend from attackers


A Fourth Year student from Kibabii University in Bungoma County sustained serious injuries after he and his girlfriend were attacked by armed robbers Saturday morning.

Zachariah Maruti was rushed to Bungoma West Hospital after four men ambushed him and his girlfriend in their hostel room, situated near the university, and hit Zachariah thrice on the head with a log, before brandishing a panga and cutting Zacharia in the legs, hands and arms.

Zachariah’s girlfriend narrates the ordeal: “The robbers broke into our hostel room at around 4am Saturday, June 10. The shocking incident woke us up. The robbers, who were four in number, began hitting Zack (Zachariah) on the head with a log. I screamed out loud. The robbers ordered me to keep quiet, I did not. They surged toward me in a bid to beat me up. Zack raised his arm to protect me from the robbers’ attack and that was when one of the robbers brandished a panga and cut Zack in the arm.

“Zack sustained serious cuts in the legs, fingers and arms. When the robbers realised my screams were attracting the neighbours’ attention, they took Zack’s laptop and escaped to an unknown destination,” said Zachariah’s lover.

According to another student, Joyce Kasiotoyi, the robbers also broke into her hostel room and made away with her laptop and clothes.

“One of the robbers attempted to break into my room at 3am. I screamed out loud and he ran away. A few minutes later, he came back and attempted to break into my room through the window. But when he noticed that we had spotted him, he ran away. We kept vigil for nearly half an hour before returning to our rooms. A few minutes after calm had restored, I heard screams from Zack’s place. That is when we rushed to their hostel room and realised they had attacked Zack and stole his laptop,” said Kasiatoyi, adding: “In the morning when I looked for my laptop and a zip lock bag, I realised they had stolen them; including my panties and bras.”

The students have called on the police in Bungoma town to beef up security in the area.

The students are also urging the university administration to employ more security officers in and out of the university premises.

No arrests have been made thus far, with police launching a manhunt for the suspects.

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