University of Nairobi expels Babu Owino’s major opponent


The University of Nairobi (UoN) has expelled 33 students, including SONU aspirant Mike Jacobs over the recent chaos that led to closure of the institution.

Vice Chancellor Peter Mbithi said the University’s disciplinary committee issued warning letters to 143 students while 17 others have been pardoned after being suspended following the chaos that rocked the main campus after a disputed students election.

The university officially re-opens on the 3rd of May.

Jacobs, who said he was rigged out in favour of SONU Chair Babu Owino, led students in a protest early this month that left the Sonu offices and some students hostels reduced to ashes.

In early April, the University of Nairobi was closed indefinitely following two days of riots by students protesting the re-election of Babu Owino as SONU chair for the fourth term.

Students were ordered to vacate all Nairobi campuses by 5PM as security was heightened.

The students had disrupted transport in areas near the university campuses as they protested the election results and subsequent swearing in of Babu Owino.

The students torched SONU offices located at the university’s main campus.

Owino has served as SONU chair for four terms, contrary to the school’s Constitution that puts a term limit of two years.



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