Uhuru’s Tweng during meeting with Trump has Kenyans talking


President Uhuru Kenyatta adopted a new accent, which online users believe is American, when he was hosted by U.S. Head of State, Donald Trump, at the White House on Monday, August 27.

After a brief meeting and series of photo sessions, President Trump asked his Kenyan counterpart if he had something he wanted to tell journalists, who had been accredited to cover their meeting.

Of course, President Kenyatta said he had one or two remarks to make.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank the President and the First Lady for welcoming us here to the White House. As President Trump has said, Kenya and the United States have had strong, solid relationships ever since our independence. We are here to renew that partnership; we are here to strengthen it…”

“So, I’m really looking forward to this discussion and also looking forward to seeing how we take this relationship to the next level for the mutual benefit of our two countries,” said President Kenyatta.

A powerful statement by the Kenyan leader, many said.

However, what stood out for some – actually, a significant section of online users – was President Kenyatta’s accent, when he made that statement.

Some Twitter users argued that American representatives would have had difficulties deciphering what Mr Kenyatta said had he spoken using a “normal” accent, which Kenyans are used to.

Presidents Trump and Kenyatta held bilateral talks on trade, partnerships and security between the two nations.


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