Uhuru imitates how Raila speaks – VIDEO

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday, June 3, mocked the Opposition, led by ODM Party leader Raila Odinga, saying that their rival outfit, NASA, does not have any constructive agenda for Kenyans.

Uhuru said following NASA’s lack of agenda for Kenyans, they (NASA) have resorted to aping the manifesto of the ruling coalition, Jubilee, giving an example of free secondary education to Kenyans, which Raila Odinga had promised Kenyans he would introduce if elected as President on August 8.

Raila made the promise while addressing a rally in Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega County on Saturday, June 3.

Uhuru, however, believes that the free secondary education promise first originated from the ruling coalition, Jubilee, and “because NASA lacks agenda”, they resorted to reproducing it.

While imitating how Raila Odinga speaks, Uhuru, addressing a rally in Nakuru on Saturday, June 3, said: “I have heard the other guy (Raila) saying under his leadership, that is if he is elected as President, he would introduce free secondary education to Kenyans. It is the Jubilee administration that first promised free secondary education to Kenyans beginning 2018. They just copied us.”

Uhuru and Raila will face off in the race for President on August 8, with either camp optimistic of a win, given the manifestos they have for Kenya.

Uhuru believes in his development agenda, which he says he wants to continue if he is re-elected.

On the other side, Raila is pushing forth an anti-graft and favorable cost of living agenda.

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