Ugandan artists to obtain permits from gov’t before performing outside the country

The Ugandan government plans to introduce new laws into their entertainment industry that will require artists performing outside the country to obtain relevant permission.

Through the Ministry of Culture, President Yoweri Museveni’s government says the proposed laws will serve to protect the industry and its ethics.

In a statement released last week, the government intends to introduce punitive measures against any artist that performs in provocative or indecent dressing as well as under the influence of any form of illegal drugs.

“Any artist or entertainer who fails to register with the Ministry responsible for culture for a period of three months from the date of announcement of the registration shall be discontinued from practicing in Uganda,” reads the statement.

“Any artist or entertainer who fails to submit his or her works shall be discontinued from practicing in Uganda for a period  not later than six (6) months after which will be asked to explain and thereafter asked to justify why he/she should be allowed in the entertainment industry then cleared by the Ministry responsible for culture in Uganda.”

The proposed new laws will also bar anyone not registered with the country’s Ministry of Culture from organizing any event.

The proposed changes have led to massive outcry from Ugandan artists with many dismissing it as a plot to cripple their financial incomes.

Many of the country’s top artists, led by ‘Sitya Loss’ hitmaker Eddy Kenzo, have reportedly organised a meeting  to rubbish the proposed amendments.

Below are the proposed new laws and offences:

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