Two MCAs beat each other up over boyfriend

Two Members of Nakuru County Assembly (MCAs) disrupted lunch activities at the County Assembly cafeteria on Tuesday afternoon, when they exchanged kicks and blows over a man.

The women, who are nominated ward reps, believe each of them is the bonafide girlfriend of the man they were fighting over.

It is alleged they had earlier exchanged insults via mobile phone before meeting at the County Assembly premises.

One of the MCAs was heard warning the other to “keep off my man”, before a fist fight followed.

It took the intervention of Nakuru County Assistant Sergeant at Arms to separate the two.

Other female MCAs condemned the warring pair, saying it brought embarrassment to women ward reps in Nakuru County.

When journalists tried taking video clips of the fight, they were rebuffed by female MCAs, who termed the disagreement between the fighting MCAs as “family and private matters”.

The scuffle ensued a few minutes before the MCAs went into the County Assembly for Tuesday session.

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