Two Malindi men arrested for stealing three live crocodiles

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of stealing three live crocodiles from a farm in Malindi town.

Yeri Yaa and Vincent Mwadori, who work at the Malindi Crocodile Farm belonging to Mark Stephen, were arrested after CCTV cameras captured them stealing the three-year-old crocodiles on Tuesday 5pm.

The two – one aged 31 and the other 32 – are said to be experienced crocodile handlers, who made use of their skills to put the crocodiles into three sacks and jumped off the farm’s fence.

Confirming the incident, Malindi Police boss, Matawa Muchangi, said one of the crocodiles died due to suffocation.

Muchangi said the farm owner, Mark Stephen, alerted the police after hearing a commotion at the farm and upon replaying the CCTV footage, Stephen saw Yaa and Mwadori making away with the three crocodiles.

“Police arrived at the scene and found the suspects had not yet taken off with the crocodiles. They will be arraigned today (Wednesday, June 7) on theft charges,” said Muchangi.

It is believed Yaa and Mwadori were planning to sell the crocodiles.

The animals are kept as pets or for their meat.

(Reporting by Wanje Zomolo and Reuben Ogachi)


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