Two high school girls from Nyamira rescued from Malindi ‘sex pest’ they met on Facebook

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Two secondary school students from Nyamira County are being held at Malindi Children’s Remand Home after their plan to meet a ‘pimp’, who had promised to link them with “rich white men’, ended prematurely.

The students, aged 15 and 16, traveled to Malindi from Kisii on Saturday after the man had sent them busfare via mobile money.

The minors and the suspected pedophile met on Facebook, where they would communicate continuously, before accepting to meet in Malindi, Kilifi County.

The suspected pedophile lured the two girls with a promise that he would connect them with rich ‘wazungus’ in Malindi, who “will give them money”.

When the two girls arrived in Malindi early Sunday, they were shocked to be received at the bus stage by a man, whose facial features were different from the one they had known all through on Facebook.

The girls and the man would, thereafter, engage in a heated verbal exchange, which attracted the attention of other passengers.

The passengers managed to rescue the children from the suspected pedophile, who fled the scene. Police are looking for him.

Confirming the incident, Children’s welfare director in Nyamira County, Samuel Masese, said he received a phone call from his Kilifi County counterpart, Bwana Migosi, informing him about the incident.

The two girls are waiting for their parents to pick them up from the Malindi Children’s Remand Home.

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