Two goats disappear mysteriously in Bungoma-bound matatu – VIDEO

A matatu tout plying Malaba-Bungoma route was on Thursday forced to compensate an elderly passenger thousands of shillings after two goats that were locked in the storage compartment of the matatu disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

According to the tout, namely Murunga, he picked an elderly male passenger who was heading to Bungoma at Kimwanga trading centre. The man had two goats with him, who were locked in the matatu’s rear storage compartment when he boarded.

Murunga claims when they reached Bungoma, the two goats were missing from the storage compartment yet the emergency door was intact.

Murunga claims that the elderly male passenger insisted he had to compensate him for the lost goats.

The matatu tout said he embarked on a journey back to Malaba to try find the lost goats to no avail.

“I cannot explain how the goats went missing because the rear door of the matatu was locked and we had not stopped while in transit,” said Murunga.

Kimaet ward Member of County Assembly, Simiyu Wechuli, said he boarded the said matatu and saw the elderly man’s goats being locked in the vehicle’s storage compartment. Wachuli said he was equally surprised at the bizarre discovery when they reached Bungoma.

“I was in the vehicle when the elderly man boarded the matatu. His goats were put in the boot (sic). The goats’ owner sat at the back seat, where he could see his goats. On reaching Bungoma, however, the goats were missing from the boot (sic). We do not know how they disappeared,” said Wechuli.

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