Twitter users urge ‘sponsor’ to educate ‘clande’ after embarrassing broken English text

The queen’s language is not easy to write, let alone speak, especially when one learns it as a second or third language.

Well, one mpango wa kando can attest to this after she was trolled by the ruthless Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT) for communicating to her elderly ‘bae’ in broken English.

The online users further suggested to the ‘sponsor’ to take his side dish to school so that she can polish her English.

A screen shot widely shared on the social media platform by an unknown user(s) shows the conversation between the supposed side dish and her engaged lover taking a turn she did not expect.

It all began at 3:12 pm on an undisclosed date when the mpango wa kando said hi to her lover, adding that she was missing him.

It seems the man who was online at the said time chose to ignore the lady; but after raising her complaint at 3:19 pm to him, he responded with a simple ‘hi’.

The woman immediately reminded the man about her needs and wants that he had ostensibly promised to cater for earlier but apparently forgot.

The needs basket contains: body and face scrub; lotion and perfume; house rent; and vacation money that she said totaled to Ksh40, 000.

The man was seemingly taken aback by the huge budget proposal, and chose to shut his ‘clande’ down by saying: “I am out with wife material in Maasai Mara, see you when I come back (in the) New Year.”

This response did not auger well with the mpango wa kando who vented, asking what the man took him for.

Two minutes later, he responded: “(Besides spending time with the wife material in 2015), all other material (I’ll look into their affairs) next year (2016).”

Angered by this callous reply, the woman sought clarification on what the lover meant when he referred to her as ‘other material.’

There was no response from him.

She waited a few minutes, and when she saw he wasn’t going to respond soon; she stated boldly and in a carefree tone what she wanted: “Please call me. Una send ama?”

The screen shot ends at that point; what transpired later remains unknown.

Below is the screen shot:


However, what stood out was the nature of the woman’s written English. It prompted online users to plead with the ‘sponsor’ to at least take the girl through English lessons before considering marrying her –perhaps as a second wife.

Stephen Musyoka: “Sponsors why you no take them for English lessons and buy them a dictionary? Naumwa na kichwa hata… How has this sponsor been surviving?”

Bree Gathoni: “She asks for 40K with that English na anapata! Sigh. Why am I educated?

George Gathigi: “One needs to send an invoice after reading that.”


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