TV host Coco Soboo: My ex-partner was the most amazing woman


Citizen Television’s One Love host Coco Soboo Moto has cited irreconcilable differences as the main reason for his break up with his fiancée, Shiro.

The pair, who dated for seven years, before going separate ways, enjoyed a good relationship, which resulted into Coco Soboo proposing to Shiro in September, 2015.

Coco Soboo says he does not harbour feelings of hatred, hostility, and ill will toward Shiro.

“My ex was the most amazing woman-cum-empress I have ever met. I owe everything I am and have to her patience grace and overstanding. We broke up because sometimes in life you don’t always get what you want, and life must continue,” Coco Soboo told eDaily.

“I refer to her as empress; my best friend. I miss her madly. She was my queen; and still is. I wish my beautiful Ebony queen nothing but positive vibrations. Shiro should know that she gave Ras (Coco) the best seven years. I urge her to keep smiling. I learnt so much from her; I tell Shiro asante for loving, feeding and caring for Rasta,” added Coco.


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