Trump: What Clinton told me after I won U.S. presidential election 2016


United States President-elect Donald Trump has said he received a phone call from Hillary Clinton, Wednesday morning, where the Democrat presidential candidate congratulated him on his victory.

As at 11:00 am East African Time, Trump had surpassed the half-way mark of the electoral college votes (270) that were needed to make him become America’s 45th president; he had 276 electoral votes compared to Hillary Clinton’s 218.

Speaking in New York Hilton, Wednesday, Trump acknowledged that Hillary Clinton put up a spirited competition against him in the race to White House.

“The political surface is nasty and tough, but I thank my family (for standing by me throughout the period of campaigns),” Trump said.

Trump has vowed to unify the United States populace, comprising different races, religion and people of separate economic classes.

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