Trump speaks on what he intends to do with protesting Americans

United States President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to respect the norms of democracy, saying he will unite all Americans despite racial, religious, political and socio-economic differences.

For the second day running, U.S. citizens who supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election took to the streets of major states to protest Trump’s victory.

Well, Trump says he “had a very open and successful presidential election” but “professional protestors incited by the media” are chanting anti-him messages, which he terms “very unfair”.

The Republican says despite political tension and divide that has swept over parts of the U.S. after his beyond-expectation victory, he intends to come together (with citizens inclined toward both political camps – including the protestors) to ensure they “make the entire American citizenry proud.”

“I love the fact that the small groups of protestors last night have passion for our great country,” tweeted Trump on Friday, making reference to demonstrators who had expressed fear that the U.S. risks historic division under his leadership.

Trump had on Thursday met sitting President Barack Obama at the White House, where they put past differences aside and vowed to work together for America’s best interest.

Actually, Trump said: “I look forward to being with you (Obama) many, many more times.”

If you thought he would fire salvos at those opposing his election on the streets of the U.S., then you are wrong. His statements above prove his commitment, intention to work with his supporters and critics.

Donald Trump, who beat Hillary Clinton after garnering 289 electoral votes to Clinton’s 228 in the November 8 presidential election, will be sworn in on January 20, 2017.


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