Troubled marriage: Man’s Facebook post revealing he’d kill himself worries users


A middle-aged man, whose Facebook name is Otieno J. Benson, took to the social media network on Friday, November 16 to write a disturbing post, saying he has resorted to suicide over unresolved domestic wrangles.

Otieno, whose profile shows he hails from Mombasa, claims his friends abandoned him, while a section of his kinsmen took sides during attempts to resolve the family dispute.

He wrote in part: “To those I will offend, know that the devil in form of a human being has attacked my marriage. I have tried to confront it, but my efforts were in vain.”

Otieno further said he already set aside money for his funeral.

“Details will be found, where my body will be – somewhere in Kenya”, he said in the post.

Otieno stated he wished he’d die with his two children.

His post attracted thousands of comments, and hundreds of shares, with Facebook users imploring on him to rescind his decision.

EDAILY’s message to him went unanswered by the time of going to press, though in a subsequent post, he said he was back home, safe and sound.

“Thank you all for your concern, I have taken a break. I am back home, though the children are not around,” he said on Facebook Friday evening.

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