Trouble in Zari-Diamond love boat?


Reports from Tanzania claim Zari Hassan is on the verge of splitting up from Diamond Platnumz after another woman, Tunda, who is a video vixen in the country, is reportedly seeing the Waka Waka hit-maker.

Diamond had, recently, claimed in a tweet that he was free to marry as many wives as he pleases and 2018 was going to be it for him. The tweet was later deleted.

Now Diamond is being accused of cheating with Tunda. These allegations spread wildly to the point where top actress Jacqueline Wolper told Zari: “Tunda anapika na kupakua Madale. Wewe endelela Kunyoyesha Nillan huko.”

The new rumour angered Zari, who blocked Diamond in all her social media accounts.

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