Trans Nzoia woman: I chopped off my husband’s manhood over Sh200, 000


Residents of Centre Kwanza area in Trans Nzoia County on Tuesday woke up to a shocking incident of a man dismembered by his wife after a domestic row.

Shadrack Sikuku allegedly fell out with Hellen Nanjala after he bought a piece of land from proceeds of a joint kitty that they share.

“I returned home to inform my wife about my decision to buy land. She immediately vented: ‘I warned you not to buy land with our money’. When it clocked 12 midnight, she chopped off my manhood with a knife,” Mr Sikuku told eDaily.

Nanjala who admitted that she committed the offense says she severed Sikuku’s manhood because he did not consult her when purchasing land.

“This man (Sikuku) took Sh200, 000 from our joint kitty and bought land with it without my consent,” said Nanjala.

Centre Kwanza area women condemned the act. “This woman (Nanjala) has brought shame to us. She has now henceforth rendered her man incapable of enjoying conjugal rights,” said a female neighbour who spoke in confidence.

Men on the other hand claim they fear for their lives. Mike Mashibo said: “Nanjala’s act has made us (men) fear sleeping next to our wives, as we’re uncertain of what they are capable of doing.”

Kwanza area Police boss Vincent Khamala has urged couples to solve their differences amicably without resorting to violence.

Mr Sikuku was taken to a Centre Kwanza area hospital for emergency treatment.


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