Top U.S. gospel singer McClurkin stranded at Moi International Airport, Mombasa

Top U.S. gospel singer and Christian minister Donnie McClurkin was on Tuesday morning (December 5) stranded at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa.

McClurkin, who is in Kenya for ministerial work, said no one, who organised his mission in Kenya, went to the airport to receive him.

He did not mention the name of his promoter or Kenyan host(s).

“I landed in Mombasa, Kenya at 12:53am Tuesday, and no one is here for me and my sister from the ministry! (We’ve been) approached by a few illegal guys driving their own cars, trying to take our own luggage cart to their car. It has been almost an hour and I’m outside (the airport waiting lounge) in Mombasa. There are no taxis or transportation at 2am in the morning. Two percent battery life left on my phone, and no plugs! Please pray,” wrote Mr McClurkin on Instagram.

eDaily has, however, learnt that the gospel singer is now safe, and was accommodated at a top hotel in the Coastal city.

It remains unclear which specific ministerial mission he has come for in Kenya, and the duration of his stay.

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