Top tips on how to dress stylishly during this cold season

One of the key fashion challenges men and women face, occasionally, is dressing for the cold season. It is during the chilly season that you’d easily spot fashion fails while walking down the streets of major urban centers.

But the million-dollar question is: where do people go wrong? Is it that clothes meant to beat the cold are very expensive; is it that they are, typically, dull?

Let us explore this phenomenon.

Popular fashion stylist Carol Odero helps us understand what makes stylish and classy dressing for the cold season.

EDAILY’s Sheila Jerotich had a sit-down with her, and below is a partial transcript of their conversation.

EDAILY: Why are people ill-prepared when it comes to styling for the cold season?

CAROL: It is because we like complaining and suffering through weather changes. There is also this irreversible belief that we live in the tropics; so it will never really be as cold as it gets.

Most people have heaps of clothing for the summer, but not as much for the winter. This is because people are clueless when it comes to styling for the winter season. People often go for the safest choice, a trench coat. Carol Odero believes in having a variety during the cold weather.

“For stylish dressing during the cold season, buy capes, trench coats, classy boots preferably in leather, cashmere and soft blended fabrics. All these options, allow you to layer. You can also wear them, when going on a night out,” said Ms Odero.

To be fair, summer clothing is more fun and casual to play around with. However, one can also play around with the cold weather style through layering of clothes. What is the importance of layering?

“Layering traps heat. And you can peel outfits off and add them on. Why does that matter? You can wear your warm weather clothes all year round without looking surprised by the weather changes. Something most people don’t know is that layering allows your perfume to reveal itself slowly all through the day,” says Carol Odero.

According to Ms Odero, it is mostly women who are caught unawares during the cold weather.

“Men are actually better fashion-wise during the cold weather,” she says.

“They wear vests, scarves, gloves, those George Clooney trench coats. Menswear is minimalist by nature. So, if a man can make it work when it’s cold, he definitely has style game! Women try too hard or not at all,” adds Carol Odero.

 “In fact, women can be quite insufferable with their style complaints during cold weather. I say get a grip and dress like a grown woman. There are countless examples of stylish women on TV for the love of God! Pick a target and stop expecting the man to warm you with his coat. There, I said it!”

It is often a rush to shop for warm clothing whenever the cold season starts. Shoppers are always at a disadvantage because shop owners hike the prices because they know the items have to sell eventually.

Shop smart! Carols says.

“It is only expensive if you are the kind of person who does not shop smart. Buy the classics/basics. There are pieces we need in our wardrobes like cardigans, scarves, booties and boots, sweaters, the same breathable fabrics made out of cotton and wool blends, well cut blazers whether your style is a boyfriend blazer or a double breast, adding opaque tights when we wear our usual shoes like peep toes, stilettos, pumps and even flats.”

She adds: “Get your basics in solid colours like black, white, navy blue, brown or even red. We really need to stop over-complicating cold weather style.

The last thing, plan your wardrobe in advance, preferably the night before. Don’t throw random things together and use this as an excuse to look basic! Come on!”

Just because the weather has changed does not mean your style has to be dull. It is, however, worth noting that the cold weather does not come with too much enthusiasm over styling. During the cold weather people prefer to stay indoors and have a cup of coffee.

However, Carol prefers dressing for the winter more than the summer.

“I love cold weather far more than warm weather. I love boots and have ankle, knee and thigh-high length and everything I have said about layering, I practise. My style gets a little more extra; if that is even possible.”

If she was to invest in one fashionable attire for the winter, Carol Odero says it would be a dark sweeping cape.

“I would wear it all year round, including red carpet appearances and evening events and it would work with absolutely anything in my current wardrobe.”

It is indeed very possible to be stylish during the winter season. It takes away from the dull and dark encounter that one goes through during the winter season.

Finding different ways to spice up your fashion will remove the boring nature that comes with the cold weather.

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