Top school finally gets its KCSE results after 3 weeks of anxiety

Teachers, parents and students at Moi Naikarra High School in Narok County broke into song and dance on Wednesday after they received their 2018 KCSE results, nearly three weeks after Education Ministry released the national tests’ outcome.

The mixed school, which was being investigated over claims of exam irregularities, emerged top in the county with a mean score of 6.9 points, the results showed.

“There was proper management of the exams. We were shocked that our results were withheld. We have really improved. Generally, we have been performing well for the last four years,” said the school’s principal John Kuyo.

The school registered 198 KCSE candidates, with 123 scoring mean grade C+ (Plus) and above, meaning they are eligible for university admission.

“We had 3 students with B+ (Plus), 23 with B (Plain), 31 with B- (Minus), 65 with C+ (Plus), 57 scored C (Plain), 18 posted mean grade C- (Minus) and 1 student scored D+ (Plus),” said Mr Kuyo.

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