Top Kenyan actress dies while giving birth

Kenyan Mombasa-based actress Maureen Wanza is dead.

Ms Wanza, who starred in the local drama Sumu, died on Tuesday morning (September 19) at a hospital in Kilifi County while giving birth.

Confirming Ms Wanza’s death, Ken Ambani, who acted alongside Ms Wanza in several films, said he was informed that the actress’s baby, too, did not survive, though he is yet to verify the information, .

Mr Ambani spoke to eDaily on phone from South Africa, where he was attending a workshop.

The celebrated actor eulogised Ms Wanza as a “humble, industrious woman, who interacted freely with everyone”.

“The sad news about Maureen Wanza’s death came as a shocker to me. When she was about to leave for hospital Tuesday morning, we spoke on phone. I prayed for her, encouraged her that all was going to be okay.

“Wanza was a person so close to me. She played roles as my wife in quite a number of movies that we featured in. She was a very humble person, who worked hard for every coin. I will surely miss her.”

In the October, 2015 Kalasha Awards, Ms Wanza was nominated for Best Lead Actress in TV drama for her role as Sasha in the series Sumu.

As Sasha, Wanza played the role of secretary to Benjamin Kido (Ken Ambani). She would later become Benjamin’s wife after a relationship blossomed between them.


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